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Ebook – Flex Your Finance

Financial security and freedom is one of the most important things we can aim for, if we are to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

In this book, Sophie Ramsay shares her professional and personal financial knowledge to take you on a path to financial freedom and abundance, and she does this through:

Flow Accounting-Flew Your Finance_Cover.


Bringing awareness to your relationship with money


Practical and psychological exercises to clear your abundance blocks


Sharing professional knowledge that many people do not have access to


Sharing her personal story to illustrate financial growth


Giving you the necessary tools that will bring about positive financial change

If you are ready to take financial responsibility, expand your financial knowledge and to create the abundance you desire, this is the book for you!

Sophie is a CPA qualified accountant and owner of Flow Accounting. It is through her successful experiences with clients and her own personal journey that she has based this book.

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