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Self Worth V Net Worth

Net worth: Your assets minus your liabilities

Self Worth: The quality of being worthy of esteem or respect

Many of us link our self worth to our net worth but this is not the path to freedom. I believe that self worth needs to come first, and the rest will follow.

Confidence and Responsibility are the driving factors to wealth creation as they provide the platform needed to focus, be frugal, and to plan.


If you are blaming others for where you are at financially you are not taking responsibility. It renders you useless and unable to change your situation as you believe others are responsible. Feeling this way makes it impossible to move forward as you feel victimised and disempowered. No matter what has happened to make you feel this way it is important to forgive whoever it is you are blaming and most importantly forgive yourself for allowing it to happen in the first place.

Once you have truly forgiven others and accepted that you are the creator of your reality you are able to start planning for your future and focus on some short term and long term goals.

You will only focus on things you can control and plan accordingly.

Forgiveness of yourself and others is also a contributor to self worth.

Self Worth

If you have high sense of self worth you are less likely to feel the need to be on trend. You love that you are unique and different so there is no need to keep up with anyone. You don’t feel the need to post Instagram photos showing you staying at the most expensive resort in Mexico, or take out a chattel mortgage so that you are driving the latest Range Rover. It is more important to you that you pay more towards your mortgage, or build up your savings account. This is true freedom. It takes confidence to live within your means.

Emotional spending is less likely to hinder saving plans. We tend to spend more money when we feel a bit off balance and are seeking a good feeling. It might help you temporarily but it won’t solve the issue long term and could contribute to you feeling worse as you lose control of your finances. Confidence in yourself means you stress less and therefore spend less.

You are more likely to charge/earn more. If you are in business and set your own fees you are likely to charge a higher rate if you believe in yourself and are confident in what you offer. Similarly in employment you are more likely to apply for and be successful in getting a highly paid job. Asking for a pay rise or raising your fees when appropriate won’t be such a big deal either.

You believe in your long term vision. You no longer desire to be distracted by short term fixes and decision making is easier when you are confident. Being able to set a long term vision and believe in it is an important step toward wealth creation.

You truly believe that you are deserving of wealth.

Some simple habits that will improve your sense of self worth.

  • Breathe deeply when you remember to. Studies show shallow breathers are more likely to have lower self worth. You are worthy of life giving air! Wake up and name at least one thing you like about yourself. It can be as simple as “I like that I sleep well” or “I like my eyes”. We all like things about ourselves but often focus on what we don’t like.

  • Take at least 30 mins for yourself each day. Do something that feeds your soul each day. This can be a walk through the park, time with your pets, yoga, jumping in the ocean, reading the paper or so many other activities.


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